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Thursday, 04 October 2012 13:02


If you are like me and watched the debate last night you might have thought the President himself does not believe in healthcare reform --Obamacare.  I still cannot figure out why President Obama cannot connect with the public and explain to everyone why this legislation is so important.   And good.  And transformational.  While the President barely seemed to try last night, Governor Romney used every distortion possible to exploit the public perception that Obamacare is wrong for the country.

I am not going to debate Governor Romney via this blog over all the mistruths and distortions he presented last night.  What I would rather say as someone who understands the healthcare system, Obamacare, and works in the healthcare system, this is a good and workable law.   It does NOT gut the Medicare program by $750 million dollars – it extends the Medicare program for generations to come.  It does not cut services to Medicare beneficiaries, it to provides them with better quality healthcare at more affordable levels.  There are no death panels.  There are experts in the industry who are appointed to make recommendations on more efficient and less expensive healthcare.  The law specifically prohibits their ability to ration care, increase Medicare premiums/taxes, or change benefit levels.  The law expands healthcare insurance and access to millions of Americans who cannot afford healthcare or who are shut of the system because they have preexisting conditions.   I can go on and on. 

What I still do not know is what Governor Romney would do to reform the healthcare system if he is elected President.  He has said nothing that any healthcare experts or policy leaders can examine.  We know what he did as governor – he created the Obamacare.  It is always easier to destroy an idea than it is to build a good one.  But Obamacare is here!  Explaining it to the public should be a proud accomplishment.  What I saw last night was simply horrible and left Obamacare open to attack.  I hope the President asks for help preparing for the next debate.  I am ready willing and able.

This is far too important.

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