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The Abortion Debate PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 November 2009 14:28

If you have been following the recent news cycle, you would notice it has been very quiet when it comes to the healthcare debate.  That is about to change on Monday when the Senate starts debating the bill released a few weeks back, the one that looks very similar to the Finance Committee version with an added tax on Medicare wages for high income Americans...

The real debate seems to have shifted to funding for Abortion.  If you are like me, you should be outraged.  I am not going to give you my positions on abortion because I do not believe that has a place in my blogs nor do I believe they have any place in the current healthcare reform discussion.  Whether one is pro choice or pro life is irrelevant.  This is about reforming our completely broken healthcare system.  It is about insuring all Americans.  It is about controlling spiraling costs.  It is about improving clinical outcomes.

I am unaware of any person who proactively goes out to buy insurance based on whether abortions are covered.  It just does not happen.  There is a place in this country to debate abortion rights – it is not here in the healthcare conversation.  As I said on CNN American Morning last Monday, I know it’s now part of the conversation, but we need to find a way to get it removed.  Shame on us as a country if we squander the opportunity to fix our healthcare system because of the abortion battle.  Call your Congressman, do not let this happen.  Do not let abortion into the conversation any more than it already is and demand it get taken out.

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